Beechcraft Hawker-800 4X-CUZ runway excursion in Zhuliany airport

During the flight on the route Tel Aviv – Kyiv (Zhuliany), Beechcraft Hawker-800 4X-CUZ operated by “Arrow Aviation” (Israel), while performing a landing run, the aircraft deviated from the runway axis, rolled out of the runway passing on the ground about 40 m, then returned to the parking lot. As a result of runway excursion, the right tire of the main landing gear was dmaaged.

Technical investigation has been completed, NBAAI issued Final Report.

Additional info.
Preliminary report from 26th May 2021 (Ukrainian language).

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 04:17

Country: Ukraine

Location: Zhuliany

Aircraft type: palne

Model: Beechcraft Hawker-800

Registration Number: 4X-CUZ

Flight type: Medical

The level of damage: Minor

Event category: Serious Incident

Flight phase: Landing roll