Objectives and goals

The National Bureau was established to:

1) technical investigation of aviation events, serious incidents, incidents, emergencies, damage to civilian aircraft and aircraft on the ground, violations of the airspace utilization procedure, in particular during service and organization of air traffic (hereinafter referred to as aviation events) the territory of Ukraine with civilian aircraft;
2) participation in the technical investigation in the territory of foreign states in which aviation events occurred with civil aircraft of Ukraine;
3) preparing conclusions and recommendations based on the collection, analysis, research and synthesis of flight safety data to prevent aviation events occurring in Ukraine.

The subject of activity of the National Bureau is:

1) ensuring the objective investigation of aviation events occurring in the territory of Ukraine with civilian aircraft and aviation events occurring in the territory of foreign states with civilian aircraft of Ukraine;
2) carrying out the reading, reproduction and analysis of the records of the on-board registrars and ground control facilities, if necessary – the identification of the technical center, including abroad;
3) ensuring the collection of information on identified flight factors and risks, deviations, analysis, research and generalization of data relating to flight safety;
4) participation in the work of international aviation organizations, promoting the development of international scientific and technical and information communications in the field of technical investigation and prevention of aviation events;
5) study and disseminate best practices and methods of conducting independent investigations, flight safety management among airline staff, employees of enterprises, institutions, organizations, bodies of air traffic services involved in conducting investigations;
6) preparation of reports and recommendations on the results of investigation of aviation events;
7) providing the competent civil aviation authority, other interested executive authorities and aviation enterprises, institutions, organizations with reports and recommendations on the results of the investigation of aviation events and recommendations on their prevention;
8) interaction with relevant executive authorities, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations and population during the organization and investigation of aviation events, the protection of the scene and the preservation of physical evidence;
9) interaction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consular institutions of Ukraine, competent international organizations and aviation authority of a foreign country in the territory of which an aviation event occurred with a civil aircraft of Ukraine or if the aircraft (equipment) was manufactured in Ukraine;
10) interaction with the relevant organizations of the state of national registration of a civil aircraft or its operator, if an aviation incident occurred in the territory of Ukraine;
11) accounting of aviation events.