03 March 2021

Serious Incident with Сessna C510 YR-CMO, occured on March 03, 2021, in Kyiv (Zhulyany) airport

Cessna С510 YR-CMO, the operator of the aircraft was CONARG MOTION S.R.L. (Romania), performed the flight YR-CMO en route Kyiv(Zhulyany) – Odesa. The flight was performed at night, in visual meteorological conditions. At 18:02:58 UTC the crew requested permission from the taxi controller to start taxiing. The taxiing of the aircraft from the L-8 stand to the start point of the TW-2 was performed along the apron following the follow-me vehicle. Then the crew taxied along the TW-2. After the crew reported on the approach to the holding area near the RW-26, the aircraft was switched to the frequency of the airport traffic control tower. At 18:12:15 UTC, the controller of the airport traffic control tower gave permission to the crew of the Cessna C510 aircraft to take off. According to the traces of the landing gear of the aircraft, which remained along the take-off line, the aircraft passed through the edge lights № 44, 43 and 42, then moved to the left of the line of lights and took off at a heading of 259º. As a result of the collision and incursion, lights No. 44 and No. 42 were destroyed. The aircraft was not damaged.

NBBAI has issued preliminary report.

Investigation continues.

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 20:12 03-03-2021


Aircraft type: Plane

Model:Сessna C510

Registration Number: YR-CMO

Flight type: Private

The level of damage: None

Event category: Serious incident

Flight phase: Take-off