03 March 2021

Serious Incident with Сessna C510 YR-CMO, occured on March 03, 2021, in Kyiv (Zhulyany) airport

At 18:02 during flight YRCMO en route Kyiv(Zhulyany) – Odesa, by plane Cessna C510 YR-CMO, operated by CONARG MOTION S.R.L. (Romania), during taxing to RW-26, the aircraft crossed the runway, passed over the edge light No. 45 and took off over the left edge lights of RW-26. As a result of the encounter, the runway lights No. 44 and No. 42 were destroyed. The aircraft sustained no damage. The flight was performed at night under the visual meteorological conditions.

Technical investigation has been completed, NBAAI issued Final Report.

Additional info.
Preliminary report from 12th October 2021.

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 20:12 03-03-2021

Country: Ukraine

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: Сessna C510

Registration Number: YR-CMO

Flight type: Private

The level of damage: None

Event category: Serious incident

Flight phase: Take-off