09 January 2020

Iran B-737 UR-PSR plane crash (update)

AUI752 flight from Tehran to Kiev (Boryspil) on the UIA-UR-PSR aircraft B-737, at 2:45 UTC approximately 2 minutes after takeoff, was a disaster. According to preliminary information received from media sources, there was a fire in the flight on the plane. As a result of the crash, all passengers and crew were killed. A commission is set up by the National Bureau to participate in the disaster investigation.

An authorized representative from Ukraine, with a group of advisers and experts, arrived in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Investigators should gather as much information as possible at the scene, inspect the wreckage of the aircraft to control the objectivity and impartiality of the investigation. Specialists from Ukraine, in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended practices, will be present during the reading, processing and analysis of data from objective control (black boxes).

Information on FDR and CVR recorders of Boeing-737-800 Ukraine International Airlines is decoded. According to the FDR data, from the beginning of the recording up to the moment of stopping the record, neither technical failures, nor other negative factors that could affect the flight safety were identified. Information from the CVR indicates that no deviations identified in the work of the crew from the time of starting the engines to the moment of stopping the recording of the voice recorder. The International Investigation team, which includes experts from the NBAAI and Ukraine International Airlines, continues to work in accordance with the international practice of technical investigation of aviation accidents. The results of the decoding of information from the black boxes, performed in BEA (France) laboratory, convinced all participants in the international investigation that the crash of flight PS752 was due to a missile attack.

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 08-01-2020



Aircraft type: Airplane


Registration Number: UR-PSR

Flight type: Commercial (passenger)

The level of damage: Destroyed

Event category: Accident

Flight phase: Take-off