18 January 2023

Fatal accident with rotorcraft EC 225 LP, occurred in Brovary city, Kyiv region.

    Around 06:10 UTC during flight en route Kozyn – Novi Petrivtsi – Poltava, with the officials on board, by helicopter EC 225 LP, reg. 54 (STATE AVIATION of Ukraine), operator “State Emergency Service of Ukraine”, during flight above Brovary city, rotorcraft collided with the building of the kindergarten “Dzhereltse”.
    As a result helicopter was totally destroyed. The crew and passengers on board were killed. 4 persons, that were on the ground, sustain fatal injuries, 25 person sustain injures different level of severity.
    According to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 20th of January 2023 № 42-р NBAAI has opened a technical investigations into fatal accident subject to the Rules and procedures for technical investigation of accidents and incidents in civil aviation, approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 20th of May 2022 № 610.

    Investigation continues.

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 08:10 18-01-2023

Country: Ukraine

Location: Brovary city

Aircraft type: helicopter

Model: Airbus / EC 225 LP

Registration Number: 54

Flight type: state flight

The level of damage: destroyed

Event category: fatal accident

Flight phase: en route