17 June 2020

Fatal accident with “Delfin Y1” UR-OAP

At 09:14 UTC during a test flight operation by Y1 Dolphin UR-OAP of the State Enterprise “Odesa Aviation Plant”, after takeoff in the climb to 9000 ft, the engine power loss occurred at crossing 4750 feet. PIC informed the ATS controller of the termination of the assignment performance and requested clearance for descent and landing approach. At a distance of 900 m from the threshold of the Runway 16, the plane impacted the ground with a high vertical speed. The plane suffered significant damage; the crew suffered fatal injuries.
Investigation has been completed.

NBAAI issued final report.

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 12:14 17-06-2020

Country: Ukraine

Location: Odesa

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: Delfin Y1

Registration Number: UR-OAP

Flight type: private

The level of damage: significant

Event category: Fatal accident

Flight phase: landing