03 January 2024

Serious incident with Boeing 737-800 UR-SQP, occurred during flight en route Tallinn – Hurghada.

    At 02:55 UTC, during flight FEG8901 en route Tallinn – Hurghada by plane B-737-800 UR-SQP, operator “SkyUp Airlines” LLC, during flight at flight level 360 a rapid depressurisation occured in cabin, as a result oxygen masks were activated. PIC made a decision about emergency descent to FL140 and subsequently made a decision to divert to alternate airdrom Warsaw.
    Landing was performed safely, without any damage to the aircraft, the crew and passengers sustain no injuries.

    According to article 5.1 of Annex 13 ICAO, State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation of Poland decided to fully delegate the safety investigation to the NTIB as the State of Operator and Registration.

  Investigation continues.

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 03:55 03-01-2024

Country: Poland

Location: Wasraw airport

Aircraft type: plane

Model: B-738

Registration Number: UR-SQP

Flight type: commercial flight

The level of damage: none

Event category: serious incident

Flight phase: en route