02 July 2022

Accident with An-12BK UR-11316 at Uzhgorod airdrome.

01.07.2022 at 20:53 UTC during flight MSI 6536 en route Istanbul-Uzhgorod by plane An-12BK UR-11316, operator «Motor Sich», during landing roll, the tires of the left main landing gear were damaged, the aircraft deviated to the left and excurted of the runway. As a result aircraft sustained damage to the left main landing gear and the propeller of engine No. 1. There was no fire. All persons on board received no injuries.

Investigation completed.

NBAAI issued a Final report (Ukrainian language).

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 23:53 02-07-2022

Country: Ukraine

Location: Uzhgorod

Aircraft type: plane

Model: An-12BК

Registration Number: UR-11316

Flight type: cargo

The level of damage: moderate

Event category: serious incident

Flight phase: landing roll