01 June 2023

Incident with SAAB-340B UR-ELZ occured at Tombouctou airdrome (Republic of Mali)

    On the 1st of June 2023 at 14:18 UTC, during passenger flight UNO-050 on behalf of the UN mission en route Bamako-Tombouctou (Republic of Mali) by plane SAAB-340B UR-ELZ, operator International Joint Stock Aviation Company “URGA”, after landing at Tombouctou airdrome, during landing roll, aricraft excurted to the right out of the runway. After rolling around 311 meter aircraft cameback to the runway without taking damage.

    There were 3 crew members and 27 passengers onboard. Noone was hurt during the incident.

      Investigation completed.

      NBAAI issued Final report.

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 14:18 01-06-2023

Country: Republic of Mali

Location: Tombouctou airdrome

Aircraft type: plane

Model: SAAB-340B

Registration Number: UR-ELZ

Flight type: UN mission

The level of damage: none

Event category: incident

Flight phase: landing roll