22 April 2022

Fatal accident with An-26B-100 UR-UZB in Mykhailivka village of Zaporizhzhia region.

At 05:44 UTC during flight en route Zaporizhzhia-Uzhhorod by plane An-26B-100 UR-UZB, operator “Constanta Airline”, approximately 5 minutes after take-off, during initial flight stage, nearby Mykhailivka village of Vilniansk district of Zaporizhzhya region, aircraft collided central part of a left wing into power lines. After collision with obstacles aircraft fall to the ground (distance from point of impact to place of crash is about 170 meters). As a result of the crash, the aircraft caught fire. A flight engineer was killed. PIC and co-pilot sustained serious injuries. Aircraft is totally destroyed.

Investigation completed.

NBAAI issued a Final report (Ukrainian language)

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 08:44 22-04-2022

Country: Ukraine

Location: Mykhailivka village

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: An-26B-100

Registration Number: UR-UZB

Flight type: Technical

The level of damage: Destroyed

Event category: Fatal accident

Flight phase: En route