17 July 2022

Fatal accident with An-12B UR-CIC nearby Kavala airport, Hellenic Republic (Greece).

  On 16th of July 2022 at 19:47 UTC (22:47 Kyiv time), during flight МЕМ 3032 en route Niš(Serbia) – Amman(Jordan) an accident with An-12B UR-CIC, LLC Aircompany Meridian (Ukraine) has occurred. Because of the crash 8 crew members – citizens of Ukraine were killed. Aircraft perform a commercial cargo flight. During flight within Athens FIC (flight information region), the contact with the crew was lost and the plane itself disappeared from radars. Before the accident crew reported about engine fire and the decision to divert to alternate airdrome Kavala (Greece).
    According to article 26 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, paragraphs 5.18, 5.19, 5.20 of Annex 13 to Convention, article 9 part 1 of Air Code of Ukraine, items 16, 17 of the Rules and Procedures for Technical Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents in Civil Aviation adopted by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 610, dated 20.05.2022, in order to participate in investigation into fatal accident, NBAAI appointed accredited representative and his advisors.

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 22:47 16-07-2022

Country: Hellenic Republic

Location: nerby Kavala city

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: An-12B

Registration Number: UR-CIC

Flight type: cargo

The level of damage: destroyed

Event category: fatal accident

Flight phase: descend