17 July 2021

Fatal accident with Mi-2 helicopter near village Zayve, Mykolaiv region.

At 02:27 UTC (05:27 LT) during private flight with purpose of agricultural work en route Nova Odesa – Mayachka by helicopter Mi-2 UR-MAA, operator Meridian-Avia-Agro, a fatal accident occured. Helicopter crashed near Zayve village, Nova Odesa district, Mykolaiv region. As a result, 2 crew members were killed, helicopter was totally destroyed.
Field phase of investigation is over.

Preliminary report into fatal accident investigation, occurred near village Zayve, Mykolaiv region (Ukrainian language)

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 05:27 17-07-2021

Country: Ukraine

Location: Zayve village

Aircraft type: Helicopter

Model: Mi-2

Registration Number: UR-MAA

Flight type: Agricultural works

The level of damage: Destroyed

Event category: Fatal Accident

Flight phase: En route