17 July 2021

Fatal accident with Mi-2 helicopter occurred near village Zayve, Nova Odesa district, Mykolaiv region.

At 02:27 UTC, morning, while performing flight under VFR, during takeoff helicopter Mi-2 UR-MAA hit a tree (populus), that is grown along the road. After strike, helicopter collided into terrain 25m from the point of impact. As a result of crash helicopter was caught by fire. Two crew members were killed. Aircarft was totally destroyed and the most part of it was burned.
Technical investigation has been completed, NBAAI issued Final Report (Ukrainian language).

The probable cause of the Fatal accident – collision of helicopter Mi-2 UR-MAA with obstacle (tree) during takeoff, which led to helicopter structure destruction, it falls and death of PIC and aviation technician, became the combination of the following factors:

– PIC wrong choice of the takeoff directions (takeoff in the obstacles direction)
– environmental (sun) influence during helicopter takeoff.

Occurrence category: CTOL.

Safety recommendations:
To the helicopters crews: During takeoff decision making form the sites, selected from the air it is recommended to ensure that takeoff direction is free from obstacles as well as take into account the possible environmental influence (sun, wind, etc.)
To the helicopters operators: It is recommended to conduct unscheduled training with flight crews on the selection of sites from the air for landing, as well as for takeoff in accordance with the requirements of the flight manual of a particular type of aircraft

Additional info:
Preliminary report into fatal accident investigation, occurred near village Zayve, Mykolaiv region (Ukrainian language)

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 05:27 17-07-2021

Country: Ukraine

Location: Zayve village

Aircraft type: Helicopter

Model: Mi-2

Registration Number: UR-MAA

Flight type: Agricultural works

The level of damage: Destroyed

Event category: Fatal Accident

Flight phase: Take-off