05 October 2020

Fatal accident of the ANG-01 UR-PNGD aircraft near the village Peremoga, Baryshiv district, Kyiv region.

05.10.2020 at 15:34 UTC during a private flight of the ANG01 (amateur design) UR-PNGD, near Peremoha village of Baryshivskyi district, Kyiv region, owner and operator of which is a private person, the plane crashed into a forest strip along the road. As a result of the fatal accident, the aircraft was completely destroyed and burned. Two persons on board were killed.

Investigation process: continue


Location:с. Перемога

Aircraft type: Літак


Registration Number: UR-PNGD

Flight type: Приватний політ

The level of damage: Зруйнований

Event category: Катастрофа