12 September 2021

Accident with Z-37 «Cmelak» occurred near Kmytiv village, Zhytomyr region.

At 05.30 UTC, during private flight with purpose of agricultural works by unregistered Z-37 Čmelák aircraft, because of engine failure a forced landing occured. During forced landing aircraft collided with the ground with the tail wheel and the main landing gear wheels, which then collapsed under the fuselage. The propeller and engine was severly damaged as well becasuse of hitting the ground. As a result of accident, pilot (PIC) was seriously injured. Aircraft was severly damaged.

Technical investigation has been completed, NBAAI issued Final Report (Ukrainian language).

Additional info.
Preliminary report from 12th October 2021 (Ukrainian language).

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 07:30 12-09-2021

Country: Ukraine

Location: near Kmitiv village

Aircraft type: Aircraft

Model: Z-37 «Cmelak»

Registration Number: Unregistered

Flight type: Agricultural works

The level of damage: Significant

Event category: Accident

Flight phase: En route