15 June 2023

Accident with Mi-8 UR-HLH occurred at Gao airdrome (Republic of Mali).

    On the 15th of June 2023 during passenger flight UNO-080P on behalf of the UN mission «MINUSMA» en route Gao – Kidal – Gao (Republic of Mali) by helicopter Мі-8МТВ-1 UR-HLH, operator PJSC “Aviation company “Ukrainian Helicopters”, after landing at Gao, during taxiing to the apron, the helicopter was caught in a dust storm and fell down to the right side. As a result the rotorcraft sustained substantial damage, also during evac procedures 2 passenger sustained serious injures.

    At the moment of the accident there were 4 crew members: PIC, co-pilot, flight engineer and flight attendant. There were also 10 passengers all of them were representatives of the UN mission.

      The accident occurred at 15:37 UTC.

      Investigation continues.

NBAAI issued preliminary report Ukrainian language.

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 15:37 15-06-2023

Country: Republic of Mali

Location: Gao

Aircraft type: helicopter

Model: Мі-8МТВ-1

Registration Number: UR-HLH

Flight type: UN mission

The level of damage: substantial

Event category: accident

Flight phase: taxiing