11 August 2021

Accident with К-10 Swift UR-HAP occurred near Tsuniv airfield.

At 07:48 UTC while performing training flights at Tsuniv airfield by K-10 Swift UR-HAP, operator LLC “West-Ukrainian School of Aviation”, during exercise with purpose to simulate engine failure, there was a partial loss of engine thrust. As a result, the pilot-instructor decided to perform a landing on the site, selected from the air. Due to a rough landing, the aircraft received substantial damage to the landing gear and propeller. The crew (pilot-instructor and student) were not injured.
Technical investigation has been completed.

NBAAI issued Final Report (Ukrianian language).

Preliminary report into accident investigation, occurred near Tsuniv airfield (Ukrainian language)

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 10:48 11-08-2021

Country: Ukraine

Location: field near Tsuniv Airfield

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: К-10 Swift

Registration Number: UR-HAP

Flight type: Training

The level of damage: Substantial

Event category: Accident

Flight phase: While performing an exercise