09 June 2018

Accident with Delfin-4 UR-PAZZ aircraft.

At 08:53 UTC, day-time, in VFR, during leisure flight by amateur Delfin UR-PAZZ aircraft the engine failure occurred. This led to a rough landing and further to nose-over of the aircraft. As a result the aircraft collided with the ground, including hit with the right wing console, followed by the propeller (engine) and nose-over by 180º. During ground impact passenger received slight injures, pilot stayed uninjured. The aircraft itself sustained minor damage.

Technical investigation has been completed, NBAAI issued Final Report (Ukrainian language).

The probable cause of the accident – a/c nose-over during rough landing, became engine failure.
The accident itself was affected by the following negative factors:
– aircraft unpreparedness;
– performing a flight without any permits, which regulate the performance of the flight.

Factor: human (pilot).
Category: SCF-PP, LOC-G.

Safety recommendtations:
To the general aviation owners and operators, including light, ultralight, aerostatic and amateur aircrafts strictly to comply with the requirements of the Air Code of Ukraine and aviation regulations of Ukraine regarding:
– Obtaining the necessary on-board documents for the legal aircraft operation.
– Procedures for aircraft flights organization.
– Procedures for Ukraine’s airspace usage.

According to Article 119, part 6 of Air Code of Ukraine, in regard with the presence of criminal acts in the organization of the aircraft operation by the pilot, the copy of Final report has been sent to the National Police, Security State Services and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 11:53 09-06-2018

Country: Ukraine

Location: Unknown

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: Delfin-4

Registration Number: UR-PAZZ

Flight type: Private

The level of damage: Significant

Event category: Accident

Flight phase: landing