18 July 2020

Accident with amateur Simba1 aircraft UR-PENA, occurred on 18.07.2020 during private flight, near Kolomyia airfield.

At 15:03 UTC, after take-off from Kolomiya airfield, by amateur aircraft Simba1 UR-PENA, during climbing the engine failure occurred. PIC performed left turn 180º with purpose to perform landing on Kolomiya airfield. Because of altitude loss and unavailabity to perform safty landing on a runway, pilot decided to perform a landing on the site, selected from the air near RWY. During landing aicraft left wing collided with obstacles and was destroyed.
Investigation has been completed.

The accident of the amateur built aircraft Simba1 UR-PENA was caused by forced landing outside the Airfield onto unusable land area due to engine failure.
The engine failure was caused by the insufficient supply of fuel to the carburetors through the internal stratification of the fuel hoses.

Factor: technical.
Category: FUEL.

To the owners of the amateur built aircraft Simba1 UR-PENA:
– During repair and restoration works, replace all fuel hoses and set the operation period in the Aircraft Flight Manual of fuel-oil hoses and hoses of the cooling system Rotax 912 ULS engines.
– For each hose of fuel, oil and engine cooling system Rotax 912 ULS, it is recommended to install a metal tag with an end date assigned service life (except for hoses installed on the engine engine manufacturer).

NBAAI has issued Final report into accident (Ukrainian language)

Investigation process: completed

Local time: 18:03 18-07-2020

Country: Ukraine

Location: Kolomiya Airfield

Aircraft type: Plane

Model: Simba1

Registration Number: UR-PENA

Flight type: Private

The level of damage: Significant

Event category: Accident

Flight phase: landing