Beechcraft Hawker-800 4X-CUZ runway excursion in Zhuliany airport

During the flight on the route Tel Aviv – Kyiv (Zhuliany), Beechcraft Hawker-800 4X-CUZ operated by “Arrow Aviation” (Israel), while performing a landing run, the aircraft deviated from the runway axis, rolled out of the runway passing on the ground about 40 m, then returned to the parking lot. As a result of runway excursion, the right tire of the main landing gear was dmaaged. NBAAI has opened an investigation into serious incident.

Investigation process: continue

Local time: 04:17



Aircraft type: Aircraft

Model:Beechcraft Hawker-800

Registration Number: 4X-CUZ

Flight type: Medical

The level of damage: Minor

Event category: Serious Incident

Flight phase: Landing roll